TBOGI-TR: Bogie Condition Monitor for transit and metro railways

Is your transit or metro railway experiencing accelerated wheel or rail wear? WID’s new TBOGI-TR system combines innovation and expertise to deliver the solution you need.

Cut the cycle of repeat defects and optimize the wheel-rail interface with TBOGI-TR:

  • Wheels: Are wheels wearing out asymmetrically, such as thin flanges or hollowing of the wheel treads? Are any wheels wearing out relatively quickly, either during or at the end of their lifespan? If these conditions exist, then TBOGI-TR can offer significant returns.
  • Rail: Does the rail show any rolling contact fatigue? Does the rail exhibit any gauge corner wear, cracking or shelling, or material flow? If these conditions exist, then TBOGI-TR can offer significant returns.

WID has helped railways enjoy significant savings and improved efficiency for 25 years. TBOGI-TR data allows railways to experience:

  • 50% less wheel wear
  • 50% less rail wear
  • 10% reduction in fuel/energy consumption

TBOGI-TR is a laser-based system that measures an advanced array of geometry metrics for each wheelset and bogie, and (optionally) their stability. With this data, TBOGI-TR enables railways to:

  1. Assess the in-service condition of wheels and bogies;
  2. Accurately identify defects, and trend their degradation; and
  3. Identify the components that need maintenance, and gain unique insight into the causal issues that other monitoring systems can’t spot. 

With TBOGI-TR, railways are better equipped to take smart, targeted action to end repeat maintenance costs.

TBOGI-TR is proven to perform in high-traffic networks. Installations do not interfere with track maintenance and can monitor trains passing at speeds up to 300 km/h. 

Find out when and why the wheel-rail interface is compromised and prevent accelerated wear at the source. TBOGI-TR delivers the future of efficiency and savings, today.