TBOGI-DB: Online Database Service for TBOGI users

TBOGI-DB brings wayside data to life.

TBOGI-DB lets you benefit from your TBOGI systems as of the first train pass captured. With a web-based interface and mobile access to data, no additional IT investment is needed.

Hone the impact of condition monitoring. With TBOGI-DB, the data you need to identify defects and predict developing defects is in your hands.

TBOGI-DB Features:

  • Intuitive web-browser interface
  • Quick and easy access to actionable data 
  • At-a-glance visuals of bogie history and geometry, with intelligent graphics and reporting tools
  • Download any page to CSV
  • Hosted on dedicated servers in a secure environment - no in-house IT support or development required
  • NEW companion mobile app (TBOGI-Mobile)

NEW! TBOGI-DB puts bogie condition monitoring metrics at your fingertips with the web-based interface and TBOGI-Mobile app. TBOGI-Mobile Features:

  • View real-time updates about the condition of rolling stock on your mobile device.
  • Critical data is never out of reach, even in the field, improving operational efficiency, collaboration, user satisfaction, and fleet reliability.
  • TBOGI-Mobile drives smart condition-based maintenance with intelligent data and connectivity to help railways maximise the benefits of the data.

The TBOGI systems are the first half of the equation: they make bogie condition monitoring easy. The other half is knowing which specific assets are costing you money. The near real-time reporting and intelligent data tools offered by TBOGI-DB and TBOGI-Mobile ensure that the systems deliver significant returns to users.

tbogi db
tbogi db cell phone dashboard.